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HRC releases 2018 Hospital Equality Index

Transgender support and services include hormone site treatment, gynecological care, gender-confirming surgeries or referrals and mental health care. Hospitals are scored Site Title on allowing and informing patients of their right to appoint someone, including a same-sex partner, as their medical decision-maker. Employment policies and benefits is the third category that goes beyond employment-non-discrimination. Trans healthcare benefits as well as equal benefits for same- and opposite-sex spouses are rated. Next is patient and community engagement. HRC has a number of suggestions for medical institutions but asks that when hospitals are evaluating the needs of the community, LGBT healthcare needs are included in surveys. To achieve this, demographic information about its patients should be kept, and there should be LGBT representation on boards and committees. Finally, responsible citizenship is scored. Healthcare facilities could have 25 points deducted for activities that would undermine LGBT equality or care. Revoking equality policies, promoting conversion therapy or directing charitable contributions how much do inpatient rehabs cost to organizations working to undermine equality are some of the reasons for points to be subtracted. Other hospitals in Dallas — Baylor, Presbyterian, Methodist and Medical City — once again chose not to participate — some for good reason. No hospitals in Fort Worth or throughout the rest of the DFW area submitted information for inclusion. However, HRC found some information about the policies of these hospitals on their websites. The information is included on the HRC-HEI website, but it is tricky to find. Navigate to the map, zoom in on Texas or the location you’re researching, and click on the hospital location. Baylor, for example, has on its website an LGBT-inclusive patient non-discrimination policy and an equal visitation policy. But the hospital has no employment non-discrimination policies and does no LGBT-sensitivity staff training. What isn’t included is Baylor’s history of discrimination. Baylor is one of the few organizations found to have violated the Dallas nondiscrimination ordinance.

To get the initial variation including any other pics or video, check out https://www.dallasvoice.com/hrc-releases-2018-hospital-equality-index-10251159.html

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